Shipping & Returns


Our current lead time is posted on the front of the home page. But as a general rule our processing time is 1-5 business days. During busy times such as a sale, the holidays, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances it can be up to 5 business days of cleared payment. Business days do not include weekends or Federal holidays. If you need your order quickly, please contact us before you place your order to be sure we can get it out as soon as you need.


Any USA order up to $15.00 (not including taxes and shipping), ships for $4.49. Anything over that ships for a flat fee of $7.99.


Because International rates vary so greatly, the website is unable to charge the correct flat fee for every order. Instead, we have it set to charge you the Flat Rate Envelope price which has a weight limit of 4 pounds. This includes the weight of the bottles, caps, packaging, etc. If your order is less than 4 lbs. then everything is good. If, however, we pack your order and it is over the limit, then we'll contact you and give you the pricing options for what you do have. At that point you can choose to remove items to lower the weight, or we will send you an invoice for the rest of the shipping charges. We will discuss it with you at that time.

Some fragrances can't be shipped internationally. They will tell you in the product details.

International shipping to Canada is set for $27 per order and to anywhere else is $35 per order. Again, providing the total order weight is less than 4 lbs. I can usually fit (40) 1 oz. bottles in the flat rate envelope. Or any combination of sizes as long as it stays under the 4 lb limit. 

Customs Fees, Duty Taxes, Etc. Please be aware that your country may charge you a fee based on the value of your package. This is a charge from them, not us, and we are not responsible for those fees. We put the exact value of your items on the shipping forms (less the shipping you paid.) We cannot mark the package as a gift and we cannot lower the value. It is against the law for us to do so. Please do not ask us to do it.

*** ORDER ADD-ONS *** - Have you placed an order, but then remembered you've forgotten something and hate to pay that shipping charge again? Well, don't worry! If your order status is showing as "Awaiting Fulfillment" or "Pending", please message us and we'll send you a free shipping coupon code to use and we can combine your orders. 


Returns Policy

For health and safety reasons Fragrance Oils and Colorants are not returnable. Fragrance Oils can smell different from different suppliers and they can smell different out of the bottle than they do in a product. (Skin chemistry also can affect the fragrance in the end product.) Please use in a product before you draw conclusions about the scent.  Be sure to read over the scent description for each available fragrance. We provide usage rates per IFRA guidelines, but testing is your responsibility. As well as fragrance, we encourage you to use our colorants in a product before making a final decision. Products, lighting, and varying amounts will cause your colors to look differently. We are not responsible for products made from this fragrance oil. 

Please understand that when you buy something from us you know that it has not been in any situation where it can have been tampered with. It's for your protection that we have this policy.