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Contact Us and FAQ's

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Q&A if you've come here looking for answers to these...

Q: I ordered and paid, but I don't see my order?
A: 99.99% of the time this means that you've checked out as a "Guest" and you'll need to check your email or PayPal for tracking. Sometimes we can merge your order to your account, if there is already a registered account. Just send us a message and see if we can merge it for you.
Q: I can't find my Aroma Notes. Where are they?
A: If you look on the front homepage ( of the website, near the bottom of the screen, you will see a small black icon - click/tap and it will open your Aroma Notes Dashboard and from there you can see your Aroma Notes and your ways to earn and redeem. Keep in mind that to earn the Aroma Notes, you must be signed into your account when you place an order. Guest checkouts do not count.
Here is what it looks like on a phone:
Here is what it looks like on a desktop:
Q: Can your fragrances be used in a diffuser?
A: No, they may clog it. Only essential oils should be used in a diffuser.
Q: Are your fragrances vegan?
A: All of our fragrances are vegan and cruelty free.