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Cat - Lavender Flowers Sachet / Dream Pillow


Product Overview

This handcrafted lavender sachet has a ribbon hanging loop and is filled with 1/3 cup of very fragrant French Lavender. It measures approximately 4" square.

You can use Lavender sachets in your dresser drawers, closets, and/or linen chests. You can hang them near your bed or slip one inside your pillowcase for soothing sleep. Or you can hang one in your car for an air freshener. Or keep a sachet in your coat pocket for a quick refresher. You can pretty much use them wherever you want the scent of lavender.

This sachet will last for a long time. (Possibly years!) When the scent dissipates, simply give the pillow a squeeze which releases more fragrance from the flowers.

Handcrafted by The Purple Hippy in Whitesville, NY.

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