Why Shop New York Scent?

I want to outline the benefits I can offer you! :)

I offer a nice selection of both premium fragrances and beautiful mica powders.

Shipping is LOW! In the USA, orders of $15 and less ship for $4.49 and anything higher ships for a flat $7.99, no matter how much you order.

I speak to everyone personally! I can help with suggestions and I know my scents very very well. I can often get in particular scents you are looking for and I really work hard to get you what you want if I am able to do so.  I sign every single one of your order receipts so you know that I've personally handled your order.

You are ordering from a small supplier and the money goes to support my family. I don't have departments to handle everything yet, but my husband and I have plans for growth.

I print your bottle labels with the IFRA data for soap and Vanillin Content.

Every one of my scents has the same pricing. No questions on which scent costs more, or if you should put one back since it the more expensive one. Mine all have the same rates. Easy to figure out and easier to budget for.

Sometimes I offer special contests and drawings for FREE stuff! You'll find contests and giveaways in the group and on the business page from time to time. 

Thank you for choosing us! ~Alissa and Pat (my husband)