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The Purple Hippy

The Purple Hippy

This category is called The Purple Hippy because it contains (or will at some point) everything I have for my original business which is The Purple Hippy. I started with that many years ago making soap and if you've read the About Us page you already know all of that. New York Scent grew out of that business because I had more fragrances and colors than any one person should hoard! Haha. But, since COVID came, I've become so amazingly busy that it became clear that I cannot properly maintain two separate websites (unless I have one or more clones!) But yet, at the same time, I do still have a giant pile of inventory so I've decided to add the stock to the New York Scent website so at least it's available. If things change in the future, I may separate them again but we'll just have to see how everything plays out. Please, if you have any questions just contact us. :) ~Alissa

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