Fruit Salad (YC Type) Fragrance Oil

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Product Overview

For use in soap making and candle making, this Yankee fragrance oil duplication is a festive summer blend with this bright, mix of juicy, sun-rich melons, tangy-sweet berries and invigorating citrus notes that unite and enhance this fragrant accord.

Phthalate Free?: Yes
Vanillin: 0.07%
Flashpoint: >200°F
Average Suggested Usage Rates. Use more or less to your desired outcome keeping in mind the IFRA rates below: CP Soap=6%, MP Soap/Bath Bombs/Lotions=1-3%, Candles=10%
IFRA Max Rates by Category:
1= 0%, 2=0.87%, 3=2.14%, 4=2.14%, 5=2.14%, 6= 0%, 7=1.74%, 8=2.14%, 9=4.35%, 10=4.35%, 11=100%
IFRA info can be found here.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review