Q: I can see the IFRA rates on the website, but what are the average/normal usage rates for CP soap & lotion?

A: Average usage rates vary by scent and product, and a lot of personal preference and end design, but on average in MP soap we use 2-4%, in CP we've seen people use 5%-8% and in Lotions we like to use anywhere from 1%-4%.

IFRA rates are the amount allowed to be used safely on the skin. Those are the rates you can't go above at all. So if you want to use, say, 5% in soap, but the IFRA rate is only 2%, you can't go above 2% or the product is unsafe to use.

Also, many products and bases have a maximum allowed percentage that is allowed to be incorporated into it. Many lotion bases only allow maybe 3% of scent in the product.

So, armed with all these numbers, it's always correct to pick the lowest one. :)


Q: Can I keep my scent in the plastic bottle or do I need to transfer it?

A: If you're planning on using the fragrance within a couple of months, then plastic is fine. If you want to store long-term, then the best possible way is to transfer it to amber glass.


Q: The micas say they are non-bleeding, but my Red Rouge bled in my MP soap. What happened?

A: Chances are you have used too much color. Our Micas are non-bleeding unless they are over-added. If the soap bubbles are color-tinted, you have used too much. A little bit of color goes a very long way.